To “Saturday Night”

I must say I’m disappointed.

Here I am, sitting all alone in my house, checking your blog and insta update every other hour, like crazy. Well, I must stay I’m happy that I found two of your very lovely new photos, but your new post… maan, you can do better than that.

I really don’t mind if you are blabbering about work, about being stuck writing a report. I think it’s good news, meaning you are adjusting with your new job there. But come on,… in our monthversary date, you bring up the word “ex”. You are becoming heartless baby. Have you forgotten about this day? I almost think it’s not possible, simply because you invented this day. I did not. I did not realize until you mentioned it the first time.

Or have you succeeded to erase me little by little?

Your “Saturday Night” is disappointing, baby

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