I love Monday

Because I hate weekends. Weekends are the most dreadful time of the week. Cause my mind tends to be idle during the weekends, and when my mind is idle, all I can think of is you.

How’s your weekend? What are you up to? You mentioned about going to the zoo with your little one. You guys made it? And if I understand correctly, I think mom is still staying with you guys. Must be comforting to know that the little one is in good hands while you’re struggling with the research world of Australia. How is she doing? Hope she’s fine.

It’s 2pm now in Jkt. I’m at the northern part, you know where. I’m just hoping that it’ll get dark soon. So that I can go back home to Sev and go straight to bed.

To once again make love with Monday, cause I just hate weekends…

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