Law of Diminishing Returns

Borrowing the definition from Wikipedia:

The law of diminishing returns (also law of diminishing marginal returns or law of increasing relative cost) states that in all productive processes, adding more of one factor of production, while holding all others constant (“ceteris paribus”), will at some point yield lower per-unit returns. The law of diminishing returns does not imply that adding more of a factor will decrease the total production, a condition known as negative returns, though in fact this is common.

For example, the use of fertilizer improves crop production on farms and in gardens; but at some point, adding more and more fertilizer improves the yield less per unit of fertilizer, and excessive quantities can even reduce the yield. A common sort of example is adding more workers to a job, such as assembling a car on a factory floor. At some point, adding more workers causes problems such as workers getting in each other’s way or frequently finding themselves waiting for access to a part. In all of these processes, producing one more unit of output per unit of time will eventually cost increasingly more, due to inputs being used less and less effectively.


I know another way to illustrate this theory, a more relevant way.

It’s reading your blog. Your insanely slow growing blog!

I can check for updates like at least a dozen times per day for a new post in your blog. Finding new post for the first time is so uplifting, like finding a downhill after nearly an hour uphill battle in the middle of a bike tour. I will read it like two or three times, usually with smile despite the content of it. I got high just by seeing a new post.

But then, as the day is progressing, I stop by at your blog again and again. And seeing everyting is still static can be really frustrating. After seeing the same post for five, seven, and often more than ten times, I begin to hate your latest post.

I begin to feel that you have already forgotten me…

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