Crazy connections

Why do I feel that you actually listens to my unheard shoutout?
And you are actually responding to it.
Or probably it’s just coincidence ya?

Anyway, Funny thing happened this morning..

I saw your recent post, it’s the lyric of Myra’s song “Wishing on the same stars” right.
So I look it up and downloaded it yesterday, but haven’t got the chance to really listen to the song.
This morning, as I walked to the office from parking lot, my phone shuffeled to that song.
But you know what,… turns out the version that I downloaded is by some lady with funny voice, singing the song in Japanese. Yes, JAPANESE! And only when she gets to the “Wishing on the same stars, looking at the same moon” part, that she sings it in English. So silly.

Well, just want you to know that I’m still close by. Have a nice day baby.

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