“Last glance that will soon be memory”

I was driving to the office this morning. Suddenly my mind took me back to a Sunday afternoon.

That day was the last day you came to my house. Do you know how I knew that it was the last day? It was the way you glanced back at my room when you were standing at the doorstep. I think I was just a few steps away, closer to the front door. But I can still remember your expression very vividly.

You exited my room, but then you stopped at the threshold. You look back and said nothing. But you surely took your time, to look, like trying hard to capture the image of my room in your mind, to store the smell of it. If the way you did that can be voiced out, I’m sure the words that came out was “Good bye”.

That was the very moment when I knew you are not coming back…

Being in my own house has never felt the same since that day, thanks to you!

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