New playlist


So, out of boredom I went to music store yesterday.

I was looking for the album of “Of monster and men”, since recently got hooked by their single “Little Talks”. Will make a post about it later.

But then I couldn’t found it in two stores. You know what I ended up buying?

Mylo Xyloto by you know who

Gold album by the Cranberries, I think this is some sort of their “best” album.

And four other CD’s that I don’t really know, and probably I don’t really like. Or I know I probably wouldn’t like very much.


I don’t know, I guess at this moment I’m just trying any kinds of thinkable way, to relate to you. Since I know you are into that kind of music, so I bought them. I guess if I listened to what you’re listening, then we probably can create some sort of connection. As stupid as it sounds, but that’s exactly what I was thinking.

I’m not exactly a fan of either Coldplay or Cranberries. I do like some of their songs, but I have never really owned their album before. You know how we always talked about our moments when we did the MX project together, and how you mentioned how cool the album was, that it inspired you to label my project so. I think I desperately try to take myself back to that moments.

I even bought the Temper Trap new album. Knowing that you are crazy about concerts, such concerts, am learning to dig that kind of music. Probably one day, when we meet again, we can go to a concert. A concert of our own.

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