Curiosity kills the heart

So, as usual, every several freaking hours, I stop by at your online faces. Most of the times it’s only Insta and your wordpress page. That’s all I know at this moment. Well, I know you have others, but since it’s protected for privacy, so it’s impossible to stalk you without getting caught. I guess I just have to be happy with what I have right now, ei…

In your insta, no additional photos other than the six that I caught this morning. I guess that’s the result of your visit to the state uni. Interesting place, I must say.

I don’t normally do this, but this afternoon I decided to open the list of people you follow. Guess who on top of the list? Yeah, you know who…


O God, who am I kidding. Of course you guys are getting back together. This is a very wild guess, but his profile picture background is wall of bricks, similar to your another post titled “Home sweet home”, so I guess you guys are going back to live under same roof again.

It’s probably selfish to wish that you won’t find your way back to his love, but at the same time it also kills my heart to picture you both are happy together again, like the way it used to be long before I even entered the picture.

Oh, how I hate my curiosity sometimes…

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