An opening…


I’m not much of a writer. I don’t usually write. I think I tried several times in the past, but it never really worked.

Well, I do write everyday. But mostly just emails and messages in phones.

So, probably things will appear weird here and there.


The reason I started this is because I have the urge to shout. To say something to you. To say something back to you. To respond to whatever I can found online about you. To let out whatever I feel I need to say in whatever moment.

I feel the need to stay in touch with you.

Why today?

No particular reason. Not because today marks the exact one month since the last time I heard from you. I have been meaning to start this I think since a couple of days after you left. But I got hold up by a lot of hesitation. Mainly because somehow I’m convinced that this won’t last very long, just like us.

But, hell…, whatever, I feel like I want to do this today, so let’s just do it.



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